Friday, September 4, 2009

Washington Square Oak - finally complete!

Earlier this summer our plein air group met in Washington Square for some painting - we especially picked this site because it was shady and thus cool enough to continue our painting sessions into the heat of summer. I painting the large sprawling oak in the square, and pretty much finished it on site, but there was still some "tweaking" to do. My friend Jami had expressed an interest in the painting "as is", but in my usual manner I continued to tweak it to the point she was despairing of some of the "fine-tuning" I had done. Today we met for a raining afternoon exercise in finishing up several paintings from our plein air sessions. I was able to make a few adjustments and finish this painting - under the watchful eyes of Jami. She purchased this at the end of the session - so I have now declared this one completed! Here is the final version. An earlier version is included here in my posting on June 8th. Relatively subtle changes, but it is better now.