Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It rained last night and all day today. My rain gauge shows 4.75 inches so far just today and the rain is still pouring! Yesterday morning we met for plein air painting at Stephanie Morris' place in Belle Fontaine, but it was so cold, damp and windy that we ended up painting inside looking out. Last night I spent some time at the Cathedral Square Gallery for the December LODA artwalk before heading to a Christmas party with my former office friends. Then today was my work day at the gallery. I promised to post the other mini painting I completed which is hanging at the gallery. This is a goat I photographed at the Baldwin County fair a couple of years ago. This is 5 in. x 5 in. acrylic on panel board. I sketched some Llamas for another mini painting while in the gallery and hope to finish painting it in the next couple of days. These are fun because they are fast to paint. Hope you all are staying dry!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Mini Art????

This month the theme for Cathedral Square Gallery is miniature art. Also, the Spanish Moss Miniature Art Show is scheduled for February. I decided to practice painting in miniature to get ready for the upcoming show. I was pleasantly surprised that it was not as difficult to paint small as I had feared it would be. It was actually fun to be able to complete a painting in a day's time. I also really liked painting on the Ampersand panel board - seemed smoother than canvas, but there is still a little texture and a gessoed surface - more conducive to finer detail. Here is a five by five inch panel in acrylic. I called this "Mini Cow". I have a second one I'll post tomorrow. These will both be at Cathedral Square Gallery tomorrow for the LODA artwalk.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

One Down and Another to Go...

Today Kathy Friedline, Phyllis Jeffery and I took down the Art of Reading exhibit at the West Regional Library. This was a great show, had alot of support from the community, and with help of the Friends of the Library added several beautiful pieces of artwork to the Library's collection for display in the various library branches. It was really sad to see that wonderful show come down and expose the empty walls of the library. But at the same time we were taking the artwork down, Bill Morris' group was taking in artwork for the next show - the Bird Show! This show should be hung by Monday. Kathy and I both had artwork to enter into the Bird show. Kathy had a wonderful ceramic tile painted and glazed with a pelican raku style; and a photo of the one-legged seagull that hangs out at the River Shack on Dog River. I did an acrylic on canvas painting of a group of seagulls: "Hitchhikers on the Dauphin Island Ferry". Looks like it will be a good show with lots of variety of birds. Should be up for December and January, I believe.

I'm working on a few "miniature" paintings to place in the Cathedral Square Gallery this month - shooting to complete them by the LODA Art Walk next Friday. They are mostly based on a menagerie of farm-type animals I saw at the Baldwin County Fair in Robertsdale. I'll post some of those when I finish. Meanwhile, here are the Seagull hitchhikers.