Sunday, January 31, 2010

Spanish Moss Miniature Art Show

Yesterday I helped our newly formed Alabama Miniature Art Society take in artwork for the Second Annual Spanish Moss Miniature Art Show, which will hang Feb 5-28 at the Southern Art and Framing Gallery here in Mobile. The reception and awards presentation will be this Friday, February 5th, 4:30 - 6:30 p.m. Come on out and check out the miniature art!

I don't think of myself as a painter of miniature art, but I had entered a small pen and ink in the previous Spanish Moss show which was accepted, and therefore became eligible to participate as a member of AMAS. There really are specific criteria for judging miniature art. The AMAS group will be educating local artists (including myself) and the public on criteria and procedures for miniature art production and shows. The first Spanish Moss show allowed any art of size 8x10 or smaller. This year the show limits artwork to 25 square inches (e.g., 5 in. x 5 in.), so we are gradually bringing our rules to conform with other miniature art societies. I entered three pieces, all 5 in. x 5 in. acrylic on panel. They include my "Mini Cow", "Petting Zoo Goat", and the recently completed "Petting Zoo Llamas" shown below. These probably are not true miniature art, but they were fun and relatively quick to paint.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Infinite Possibilities. . . . Memorium

This was a bitter-sweet week for me. I received very sad and tragic news regarding the loss of two young friends: a former co-worker who died suddenly and unexpectably from an infection, and a young promising artist and new friend who showed promise. Both were shining stars with bright futures. Joseph Mwanzia had entered his artwork in our Art of Reading Show (the first art show he'd ever entered) and won one of the library purchase awards. He was born in Kenya and had come to the U.S. only a few years ago to further his education. Kathy Friedline and I got to meet Joseph during the reading show, and encouraged him to join the Mobile Art Association, where he met many new friends. Here is a photo of Joseph and his girlfriend in front of his winning artwork, titled "Infinite Possibilities". It makes me sad to think of Joseph and Maria, their lives cut so short when they both had infinite possibilities before them. We will miss them both.

Duo Show at Michael's Downtown Cafe

My friend Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough asked Jami Buck and me if we would be willing to place some of our art at Michael's Downtown Cafe, and we of course jumped at the chance. This is a small restaurant, but Michael has a great reputation with foodies in the Mobile area. Mary Elizabeth and Lydia Host had a duo show here several months ago. I hung three of my cow paintings, and Jami included several colorful abstract paintings. Several of us are planning to have lunch there this week for a viewing party. You should check it out if you get a chance, and enjoy a wonderful lunch at Michael's. I think our colorful artwork really brightens up the small space inside. Here I am hanging the artwork last Wednesday. And here is Jami with her large abstract with the fiery colors.