Wednesday, March 25, 2009

River Shack Reprised

The biggest dilemma for most artists is knowing when an artwork is done - or when to quit messing with it! Here is the plein air painting I started last Thursday. Since foul weather this week is keeping us inside, I spent some time last night and a few minutes tonight "finishing" this painting. Hopefully I did not overwork this piece. You can compare the "finished" version with the fresh painting accomplished in the field in my posting for last Friday, March 20. I may still need to fiddle with the rocks and the pier. . .

Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring and Plein Air Painting Resumes

Today is the first day of spring. I saw on TV this morning that it was snowing in New York City. However, here in Mobile it is in the 70s and flowers are blooming everywhere and the pollen is thick on every surface outside. I volunteered at the Mobile Botanical Garden spring plant sale this morning, and seeing all the plant material folks were buying has inspired me to get back into my gardening. The theme this year is to plant edible plants (I think to help make it through the plummeting economy), and so far I've purchased a lemon tree, fig tree and three blueberry bushes. Think Spring!
Yesterday we started back into plein air painting. Jami Buck, Gail Bramer and I met at the Beachcomber Marina on Dog River. I decided it would be good to work on some recognizable landmarks, so my subject yesterday was the River Shack Restaurant - which we sampled for lunch after a morning of painting. Here is photo of me working on my painting (oil on gessoed board), and the result to date. I was pleased with how much I was able to accomplish in a couple of hours. This needs some finishing due to a few white patches still remaining, but I will try not to overwork it. Will try to get back out again next week for more plein air.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Divine Bovines: The Cow as Art - Opening Reception

Thursday was the opening reception for our Divine Bovines: The Cow as Art show. I've taken the last couple of days to rest up from all the preparations and the celebrations, but decided I better hurry up and post some photos from the reception! The show is at the Mobile Public Library, West Regional Branch. I want to especially thank Phyllis Jeffery and her staff for making this possible and for helping out with the logistics, drinks and some of the eatables for the reception. The show is beautiful and diverse. Thanks to all 11 artists for participating. (And thanks to Jami Buck for helping with the photographs! )
If you haven't been to see the show yet, please make a trip to the Mobile West Regional Branch library, 5555 Grelot Road, and check us out. This show will remain until April 24th.

Our featured artists include Joanne Brandt (me), MissyPatrick, Bill Morris, Janie Brown, Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough, Fred Marchman, Bertice McPherson, Kathy Friedline, John Cleverdon and Lydia Host. Charlie Swan is missing due to his delay at another reception at the museum. (photo by J. Buck)

Kathy and I present the Divine Bovines: The Cow Show cake, provided by Phyllis Jeffery of the library. Note the postcard design on the cake. I was asked to sign a release form for the postcard artwork before Wallmart would use it on the cake - that was the first time I experienced a copyright issue with my artwork! (photo by J. Buck)

Here are a few photos of the artists and their artwork.

Me with three of my cow portraits. (photo by J. Buck)

Me with my two newest cow portraits: Anabel and Sweet Home Cheese Farm Bull.

Janie Brown with her two pieces: Moo-Light Magic and Hall County GA Cow. (photo by J. Buck)

Kathy Friedline with her two very different pieces: pen and ink on paper bag (her green art); and acrylic painting titled "Dairy Aire" for obvious reasons! (photo by J. Buck)

Missy Patrick with one of her Baldwin County pastoral scenes with cows. (photo by J. Buck)

Fred Marchman with his wall sculpture: "Got Horn?" (photo by J. Buck)

Lydia Host's Painting-a-Day cows.

John Cleverdon and his veal cows. I especially liked the small woodcut print (Penned-up Veal Calf). (photo by J.Buck)
Charlie Swan with his bovine caricature: Diva Bovinea.

Bertice McPherson with barrel-fired clay piece: The Attempt. (photo by J. Buck)

Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough and friend. (photo by J. Buck)

Mary Elizabeth's contemporary piece (Western Civilization II)

Bill Morris relaxes with Ernest Kirkland. (photo by J. Buck)

Bill's western cows and buffalo.

My Mama Lisa buddies.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Divine Bovines Reception Thursday, March 5th

Divine Bovines Exhibit Reception

Thursday, March 5th, 6 pm - 8 pm

Mobile Public Library, West Regional Branch, 5555 Grelot Road

We hung the show on Saturday, and it really looks great. Y'all come on out to see the exhibit! The show will hang until April 24th. Featured artists include: Joanne Brandt, Janie Brown, John Cleverdon, Kathy Friedline, Lydia Host, Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough, Bertice McPherson, Fred Marchman, Bill Morris, Missy Patrick, and Charlie Swan.

I'll try to post photos from the reception and show in the next day or so.