Friday, March 20, 2009

First Day of Spring and Plein Air Painting Resumes

Today is the first day of spring. I saw on TV this morning that it was snowing in New York City. However, here in Mobile it is in the 70s and flowers are blooming everywhere and the pollen is thick on every surface outside. I volunteered at the Mobile Botanical Garden spring plant sale this morning, and seeing all the plant material folks were buying has inspired me to get back into my gardening. The theme this year is to plant edible plants (I think to help make it through the plummeting economy), and so far I've purchased a lemon tree, fig tree and three blueberry bushes. Think Spring!
Yesterday we started back into plein air painting. Jami Buck, Gail Bramer and I met at the Beachcomber Marina on Dog River. I decided it would be good to work on some recognizable landmarks, so my subject yesterday was the River Shack Restaurant - which we sampled for lunch after a morning of painting. Here is photo of me working on my painting (oil on gessoed board), and the result to date. I was pleased with how much I was able to accomplish in a couple of hours. This needs some finishing due to a few white patches still remaining, but I will try not to overwork it. Will try to get back out again next week for more plein air.

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