Saturday, December 12, 2009

Rain, Rain, Go Away!

It rained last night and all day today. My rain gauge shows 4.75 inches so far just today and the rain is still pouring! Yesterday morning we met for plein air painting at Stephanie Morris' place in Belle Fontaine, but it was so cold, damp and windy that we ended up painting inside looking out. Last night I spent some time at the Cathedral Square Gallery for the December LODA artwalk before heading to a Christmas party with my former office friends. Then today was my work day at the gallery. I promised to post the other mini painting I completed which is hanging at the gallery. This is a goat I photographed at the Baldwin County fair a couple of years ago. This is 5 in. x 5 in. acrylic on panel board. I sketched some Llamas for another mini painting while in the gallery and hope to finish painting it in the next couple of days. These are fun because they are fast to paint. Hope you all are staying dry!


Jami Buck said...

I'm lovin the Llama

christian and amanda said...

SOLD!!!!! I love this goat!!! He reminds me of the goat we had in WV for a while, Bart. Is it for sale?? I love the purple, too!!!

laughinggoat said...

I'm having fun exploring your blog. I love the goat...we are on the same wavelength with animals as a preferred subject.