Saturday, February 20, 2010

Figures in February at Wellborn Ideas, Etc.

February has been a big month for art this year. On February 8th I delivered my charcoal drawing ("Life Drawing Class") to Wellborn Ideas (downtown on Dauphin Street) for a Figure Show they are holding this month. My friends Jami Buck and Conroy Hudlow also had figure paintings that were accepted into this show. I went downtown for the opening reception during the LODA artwalk on Feb 12th - but crowds were sparse that night due to snow (!) here in Mobile and a couple of competing Mardi Gras parades through downtown. I went back last week with my camera and was able to get a few photos. This show will hang until March 8th, and they are open during weekday working hours if you want to check it out. Others in our figure drawing group (past and present) that also have pieces in this show include Devlin Wilson, Kimberly Krause-Jones and Sharon Jones (no relation).

Here is a view of several of the art pieces as you enter Welborn Ideas. My drawing is the first on the right. I almost forgot to mention - I entered this figure drawing into the Eastern Shore Art Center along with my "Blossom" cow painting, and both of those hung there for the month of December. The "Best of Show" was the large colorful abstract figure in the center of the photo.

Conroy's painting is above on the right.

Jami's painting is above on the right ("Hot Flash").

Kimberly's triptych figure in primary colors is above; and Sharon's figure sketch of the young couple from a recent figure drawing session is below. My photo of Devlin's piece did not turn out, but I think I recognized the model as "Dawn" from our earlier sessions.
I forgot to mention on my blog earlier, but I entered this same charcoal figure drawing ("Life Drawing Class") and my "Blossom" cow painting in the recent Eastern Shore Art Center Members Show and both hung for the month of December.

And the other BIG news is that I sold my "Yard Sale Tractor" painting earlier this month to a nice lady in New Orleans. She had seen it at the Cathedral Square Gallery, but I was out of town that day, and she wanted a quote for shipping it to New Orleans. I mailed it to her on Feb 2nd. I had lots of comments from fellow artists and tractor lovers on that painting, which she said will grace her son's bedroom. I hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoyed painting it.


Anonymous said...

thanks joanne! ~kimberly

conroy hudlow said...

You left out Lisa Johnson who is also in our Saturday group. I didn't knjow Sharon Jones had entered. I'm going to have to get down there and see this, maybe Wednesday.

conroy hudlow said...
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Joanne Brandt said...

My bad. Lisa Johnson's painting is next to mine in the hallway photo. I've also added photos of Kimberly's and Sharon Jones pieces. I think I've always assumed that no-one really checks my blog, and I've increasingly learned that I'm wrong. So if this will help extend coverage of our group's efforts and the figure as art, I'm more than willing to oblige!