Monday, September 20, 2010

Postcard from the Gulf

Today I mailed in my Postcard from the Gulf to Val Webb. She is helping to coordinate a fund-raiser for the Alabama Coastal Foundation. Artists from around the U.S. and the world at large have been requested to submit a vintage postcard with artwork with a Gulf coast area theme added on the message side of the postcard. Val mails out the vintage postcards and the artist mails it back once it has been enhanced with their artistic statement. Here is my postcard. I was inspired by the alligator snapping turtle at the Mobile Exploreum Reptile exhibit - we met there for the Mobile Sketch Crawl event at the end of July. I had difficulty sketching him during the sketch crawl because he kept pacing back and forth to focus on the visitors on the other side of the aquarium. But I was able to get a couple of good photos, and caught him in the classic snapping turtle pose. You do not want to get "nipped" by one of these guys! They hang out in the rivers and swamps along the Gulf coast, as well as further inland. I could not resist also adding a little to the photo side of the card - it was a colorful bouquet of flowers, but leant itself with a few little fishes to resemble a colorful coral reef - just for fun. (watercolor and acrylic on vintage postcard).

They will auction these cards for $50 each at a fund-raiser reception in the next month or so. Stay tuned. Here is a link to the Postcards from the Gulf.


Anonymous said...

What fun! I had not checked your blog for a while. It makes me REALLY miss living many things going on in the artist community.

Joanne Brandt said...

Hi Terry! So nice to hear from you. There really is alot going on now that it is fall again. Today Kathy Friedline and I hung a show of some of our animal paintings for display at a local church with an arts mission. We call the show "All Critters - Great and Small". The reception is next weekend - stay tuned and we'll post some photos then.

We miss you too, and hope you are making your new niche there.

Serena said...

Lovely artwork and blog.

I found you while trying to find the Postcards from the Gulf website via Google. :)