Friday, November 21, 2008

Plein Air Painting on Dauphin Street, ETC....

Yesterday was Thursday and a busy day. In the morning I met downtown on Dauphin Street with two of my plein air buddies: Missy Patrick and Lydia Host. We met at Cathedral Square Gallery, and painted from the nearby street corner. Lydia and Missy did small oil paintings looking east up Dauphin Street. I had a great view of the opposite street corner including Cafe 615 and the new Bull Restaurant, both in the same block as Winzell's. It was a cool but sunny and clear day - good light for plein air. I almost finished my watercolor onsite. Had to make it to Figure Group last night; so I finished the watercolor tonight. I was pleased with the finished product, mostly because it has some nice colors in it - yellow building, green vines, green door, yellow sign, red sign.... Made for a fun painting. The biggest challenge was painting in the reflections in all the windows. Here is the finished product.

Once I finished this, it made me want to finish another previous plein air watercolor I started last month but never completed. Here is my watercolor of the Mobile Harbor waterfront from the last time Missy, Lydia, Thayer Dodd and I got together. I was able to finish it because Thayer was good enough to email me a photo of the ship dock she had taken that day. Tonight I added some color to the water in the river, and worked on adding further contrast to the shadows and a couple more details. It is still a little rough, but I think it captures the bustle of the port activity that day.

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