Thursday, January 8, 2009

Mobile Botanical Gardens and Semmes Library Grand Opening

Happy New Year Y'all!

I've been distracted by the holidays and then under the weather with bronchitis, so am very behind with my blog. I have a couple of events to report, however. Tuesday last week (Dec 30th) Jami Buck, Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough and I gathered at the Mobile Botanical Gardens for some plein air painting. We each picked a view inside the herb garden arbor area. Mary Elizabeth did an amazingly colorful fun piece, and Jami did a pretty view of some trees (both are posted on MEK's blog). I was so slow getting everything together that I basically just blocked out my scene of St. Francis of Assisi under the kumquat tree. This was right before I got sick; so I will post the finished (after) painting (oil on board) when I can get myself back together enough to finish it. In the meantime, here is photo of MEK and me discussing our work; and the before view of my painting, compliments of MEK.

I took photos of Jami and MEK with their paintings with my new compact digital camera (Christmas present!), but unfortunately due to my unfamiliarity with the new camera they did not take. I'm still learning how to use this simple little camera.

Wednesday last week (Dec 31st) I delivered my painting of the Dodd and Dodd Nursery greenhouses for a small art exhibit as part of the grand opening of the new Semmes Library. This show was organized by Mary Rodning. They did a wonderful job on the new library, which was formerly a Walgreen's Drugstore, and designed an area near the front to display rotating artwork. Here is a photo of Phyllis Jeffery of Mobile Public Library with some of our artwork behind her. The Sumi-e/Haiku foldout on the shelf is by Mary and Charles Rodning (photo compliments of Mary R.). Jami Buck's painting of Dodd and Dodd Nursery trophy trees is peeking out from behind Phyllis' head. Phyllis has been great in sponsoring public display of local artwork in the city's libraries.

I missed our first session of Figure Group tonight, but hope to be well enough next week to catch back up with my figure artists!

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