Monday, May 24, 2010

Figures and Portraits

The last few days have been quieter and I am enjoying it, and perhaps getting more back to normal. Saturday morning was my downtown figure drawing group, and we had Joni for our model - and most of us just love drawing Joni - she has such interesting features. We had a good sized turn-out for the group, which was the last meeting for the spring session and a planning session for what comes next. We decided to continue the group into the summer and to rotate responsibilities of who will pose/time the model and who will line up the model each session. It is nice to see everyone want to cooperate to keep a good thing going. I'm posting some drawings from this week - one from my Wednesday night figure drawing group and two from Saturday's session.

More playing around with color with my hard pastels!

This last one is an example of having to draw what you see, not what you think it should be. Her left leg was in an interesting fore-shortened position, so hopefully I've captured what looks like a leg and knee!

Later Saturday afternoon I went downtown to the Cathedral Square Gallery for the 4th Saturday Upper Dauphin Street Art Walk. My friend Satomi asked me to join her in doing portrait sketches during the art walk. Satomi and I sat in front of the gallery to sketch and were able to get our gallery intern to pose for us, in order to entice passersby to enter the gallery. Not sure how effective we were, but we'll try this again next time and maybe recruit some other of the gallery artists to participate with us. Unfortunately I did not get a photo of our portrait sketches (I gave both of mine to the intern). But I've noticed I've been a little more effective in capturing the faces of the figures I've been drawing lately, so I've been getting a little portraiture practice in my figure drawing sessions.

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