Sunday, February 22, 2009

A Busy Week Ending with Burridge Workshop

This was an especially busy week. So I'll try to catch up on the events of the week. Monday I met with Kathy Friedline, and Jaime Lee and Phyllis Jeffery of the Mobile Public Library so we could plan for an upcoming art exhibit at the public library - a show that will focus on Reading. This will probably be in the fall of 2009.

Tuesday I made a trip to Semmes to check out the art exhibit at the new public library, which will hang through February. Jami Buck, Kathy Friedline, Thayer Dodd and I (all Mama Lisas members) had artwork in the show, and here are a few photos to document our work.

My artwork above on far left and right.

My artwork on left and Jami's on right of Dodd & Dodd Nursery in Semmes.

Kathy's artwork: The Gift.

Thayer's floral photos above and painting of Semmes schoolhouse below.

Wednesday night I made it to Figure Group - we had a new model who was a Sarah Palin look-alike. I'll try to post some of my drawings of her tomorrow.

This week I also painted on my last cow portrait for the cow show, mailed postcards for the cow show, and ran around purchasing supplies for the Robert Burridge workshop this weekend. Saturday and Sunday were spent at the Burridge workshop, sponsored by the Bay Rivers Art Guild (BRAG) in Daphne, AL. Janie Brown and I made the trip over for the workshop. Janie and Jami are Burridge groupies, but Jami could not make it to this workshop. The topic was painting flowers fast and loose - I'm not big on flowers, but learned alot about technique and marketing ala Bob Burridge, and got to play around a bit with the medium. Here are a couple of photos from the workshop.

I think Bob Burridge loves teaching these workshops!

Me using paper towels and fingers to paint a series of warm-up paintings.
Also, here are a couple of photos from the Mama Lisas meeting at Gail Bramer's place last Saturday (Valentine's Day) - a group photo and one of Bill Bramer serving us champagne in his tux (my apologies to Bill...)
Mama Lisas: Thayer Dodd, Kathy Friedline, Gail Bramer, Mary Beth Culp, Jami Buck, Karen McGahagin, and me (we are missing Janie Brown, Carolyn Greene, Jane Sawyer, Claire Noojin and Kay Rodriguez).

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