Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mama Lisas and Cow Show Postcard

Today I met with my Mama Lisas painting group. Our Mama Lisas meet around once a month to paint together and otherwise give moral support to each other in the pursuit of our artwork. Today I brought my mat cutter and we all learned how to measure and cut mats to frame our artwork. We had a lot of fun. Today we met at Gail Bramer's house, and she served us cheese cake and cheese straws; and had her husband Bill dress up in his tuxedo and serve us some champagne. Not much accuracy in measuring the mats after the champagne! But all in the spirit of Valentine's Day!

Also, yesterday I picked up the postcards advertising the Divine Bovines art exhibit and reception for the upcoming cow show. I did the artwork for the postcard and Janie Brown and her former boss Bob Holberg helped format and set it up for printing. I think they turned out pretty good. Here is a copy. We'll be mailing these out next week. Stay tuned for the cow show, which will open on March 2nd, with the opening reception on Thursday, March 5th. Hope y'all will be able to make it to see the show!

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Mary Ellen said...

Lydia told me about the COW show at the West Reg Library. Now that I see your blog I remember seeing your wonderful cows before. They are truly contented looking and I enjoy your work.
Mary Ellen