Saturday, April 4, 2009

Back in the Groove with Figure Group

Thursday night was the first session of Figure Group for this term. We were all glad to get back in the groove but feeling a bit rusty after a month off. Here are a couple of pencil sketches anyway. We had our favorite expert model -Dawn. By now she can instruct the new members on the class protocol and is ready and able to suggest different poses or adjustments of poses we all can appreciate for the next sketch. She always provides such elegant poses.

On Friday we celebrated my artist friend Jami Buck on her 50th Birthday with lunch at Zea's. Mary Beth Culp, Gail Bramer, and Mary Elizabeth Kimbrough all joined us. Here is a photo of us charming young gals (me, Jami, Mary Beth, Gail and Mary Elizabeth) provided by Mary Elizabeth. Our gracious waiter took the photo.

I've started a new cow portrait, and am hoping I will be able to finish by May 1st for the Shared Expressions Show at Mobile Museum of Art. My challenge is that I will be out of town for 10 days in April, and will really have to be disciplined to finish this one. Discipline is not my strongest feature, but we will try...

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