Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Plein Air at Five Rivers

Seems like I've been on a hiatus from painting. We took a couple weeks to drive out to Colorado and back to visit the grandbabies - got to see snow, had a wonderful visit with the family, and got to see the southwestern vistas in route. However, once I returned I did indeed finish a small watercolor of an old Baldwin County barn that was based on a plein air excursion last October to the Kaiser Farm with Missy Patrick and Gail Bramer. It is at the frame shop being prepared for entry in the Mobile Art Association Spring juried exhibition this weekend. I had a great day today plein air painting with Missy, Jami Buck, Lydia Host and Lydia's sister-in-law Tracy Host. Beautiful weather and pleasant company! We went to the Five Rivers site in the Mobile Delta. The others did wonderful vista paintings of the marsh - I did a close up of the shoreline behind the visitors' center. I tried to paint oil on board without having primed it - which means the surface was so slick paint would just slide off unless I applied it with a palette knife. So here is my impressionistic palette knife painting. The water really was a kind of ochre color near the shore. Bull tongues predominated. Lydia says good bloggers post both the good and the bad...

I also made it back to figure group tonight. Will post some figure drawings later this week.

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Jami Buck said...

I love the painting!