Monday, April 27, 2009

Disappointment, but Life Goes On

Well, the watercolor of the Old Barn at Kaiser Farm did not get juried into the Mobile Art Association Spring Show. It is always a disappointment to spend time and effort to prepare for an exhibition, and not make in the show. Most of us have had this experience, and we all know that it is just the individual taste of the judge, and if another judge on another day we may have made it in - but it is discouraging just the same. My best response is to just pick up and work on something new, and that is not a problem right now for me because I'm behind and want to finish a painting for the upcoming Shared Expression community arts exhibition at the Mobile Museum of Art. I have to turn in a painting for this show by next Monday, and have alot to do on this painting by then. At least I know it will be fresh because I don't think I'll have time to rework and overwork this painting! It is another cow painting that I was not able to complete for the Divine Bovine Show. In the meantime, here is a graphite sketch from last week's Figure Group. We had the Sarah Palin look-alike model again (sans glasses this time).

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Lydia said...

joanne- your work is beautiful!
I love your figure sketches in watercolor...just fab.
how illustrative of the artists world; that you would win first place in one show and not get in another! Congrats on the win!
poo poo on the other.